The developer may require the builder to use real-time and comprehensive condition monitoring during the construction to monitor, ensure and report the conditions. The parties using the eGate service get access to comprehensive reports on the development of the conditions on the site for a desired time period directly from the system. The measurement reports can easily be created and examined from desired measurement points and the time period. Continuous, real-time and wireless monitoring of site conditions ensures better quality of construction and reliability and transparency of data in all situations. It is easier to solve different quality-related liability issues when the measurement data has been stored during and after the project is completed.

Wireless censoring of the floor concrete casting (RH-T) can be used to anticipate, design and monitor very accurately and reliably, and clearly more cost-efficiently than before, the schedules and issues related to the coating of floor concrete casting, and ensure that concrete casting has been suitable for coating at the time of coating. The report feature allows you to return to any moment on the site per measurement point, if necessary, to ensure the current condition in the structure/air.

Continuous and wireless remote temperature and humidity monitoring can be implemented under the floor cover. In addition to the temperature (T), relative humidity (RH) and carbon dioxide (CO2), hazardous particles (PM 0.4-13) and larger particles (PM 0.8-40) in the construction site air can also be measured. We also offer real-time TVOC censoring and pressure differential measuring on construction sites across Finland.

The components and technologies used in the eGate service are absolute top-class in precision and reliability.