eGate Smart Building Innovation enables real-time, wireless and highly reliable 24/7 monitoring and reporting of construction site conditions. By using the wireless sensor (RH-T) of the floor concrete casting, it is possible to anticipate, design and monitor very accurately and reliably, as well as more cost-efficiently than before, the schedules and issues related to the coating of floor concrete casting.

Continuous and wireless remote temperature and humidity monitoring can be implemented under the floor cover. In addition to the temperature (T), relative humidity (RH) and carbon dioxide (CO2), hazardous particles (PM 0.4-13) and larger particles (PM 0.8-40) in the construction site air can also be measured. We also offer real-time TVOC censoring and pressure differential measuring on construction sites across Finland.

The components and technologies used in the eGate service are absolute top-class in precision and reliability.

With this service, the conditions of the construction site can be monitored and related data can be recovered. Versatile reports can be generated from the measurement results, for example, to be examined at a site meeting site, or delivered to the developer/stakeholders, and stored with the project documents.